12 Home Remedies that Helps to Prevent Hair Loss!

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Hair Loss or Common baldness, also known as androgenic alopecia, is a physiological process that affects many men from 25 – 40 years and some women from 35 – 50 years. There is a genetic factor and in addition, it is directly related to male sex hormones. There is so far, totally effective treatment, however there are effective alternatives, both topically and orally (I recommend you read the following article about the root of the Chinese plant He Shou Wu ). If no action is taken, the hair becomes thinner, shorter and without pigment.

This condition can occur for different reasons, such as: organic suffering, malnutrition, lupus, hormonal disorder, thyroid, diabetes, dandruff, etc. When no treatment is followed, it will be irreversible.

Thessaloníki Home Remedies to Prevent Baldness:

There are certain treatments that will help prevent and reduce the damage of baldness, if they are carried out for a long period of time they will have better results.

http://jasonwebertherapy.com/tag/interior/ · Guacimo:

Guasimo for hairAlso known as guasimo, guasima, or guazuma, this large-branched tree is from the Malvaceae family, grows in tropical areas and has medicinal properties; it is also used as a shampoo or hair lotion.

buy Pregabalin Lyrica online “It is good to stop hair loss and shine, and due to its high content of mucilage, guasimo is also good for stimulating growth”.

The guasimo for the hair is prepared by boiling the leaves and the bark, and then the infusion is applied in the different areas affected by baldness.

buy modafinil liverpool · Birch:

This is a light green tree. The bark is boiled and applied locally in the affected areas or where prevention is desired.

· Maguey:

Also known as Agave, it is a small and colored plant sells. The sap is extracted from its leaves and applied in the desired areas. It is also widely used for frizzy hair, it is known as agave straightening.

· Achiote:

This shrub is used to stop hair loss and also to eliminate dandruff. The leaves are placed in cold water for approximately 12 hours (maceration), and then the tonic is applied locally in the desired areas.

· Basil:

The leaves are taken and a tea is made. Then it is applied to the scalp. It is very good for strengthening hair.

· Kills Blue:

This little known shrub is an ingredient in many shampoos due to its properties to strengthen hair and prevent gray hair. The silver is boiled and then placed in the affected areas. This tonic also prevents premature gray hair.

· Burdock:

It has fortifying, stimulating properties and a high content of fatty acids and good vitamins to treat some problems of the scalp, dandruff, irritation, fall and weakening. In this remedy only the root of the plant is boiled, and then placed in each of the affected areas.

· Coconut:

Only the oil or butter is used, then it is applied externally through massages in the desired areas, this remedy strengthens the scalp.

· Horse Tail:

An infusion of the entire plant is made, subsequently applied to the damaged areas and also ingested as tea.

· Nopal:

The leaves and stems are placed in cold water for 12 hours, then the infusion is applied to the scalp areas.

· Rosemary:

The whole plant is taken and boiled, subsequently applied in all areas of the head. It gives vitality to the hair and shine.

· Verbena:

An infusion is made with the leaves and flowers, and then it is applied throughout the hair to give it shine and prevent its fall. Follow these simple treatments and you can effectively avoid premature baldness.


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