6 Anti-Inflammatory Food should be Included in Diet

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Including anti-inflammatory foods in our diet will help us prevent discomfort. Thanks to its contribution of nutrients, we can strengthen the immune system and avoid multiple health problems. Do you know what the best anti-inflammatory foods for the diet are? Have you started to analyze if you consume them as often and in the amount you require?

find here “The truth is that inflammation is related to several health problems, from high blood pressure to asthma or diabetes”.

Therefore, consuming foods that fight inflammation is vital to avoid discomfort in the medium and long term. Even if today you are very healthy and have not experienced these problems, it is never too early to prevent them. Here is a list of anti-inflammatory foods that you should include more regularly.

find more 6 Anti-Inflammatory Foods

click reference 1.Green Leafy Vegetables:

Any of the foods you include on your plate should have a good portion of green leafy vegetables. These are one of the best anti-inflammatory foods thanks to their antioxidants. christian athlete dating service When you consume them in the correct portion, you help your cells to regenerate.

In case you do not particularly love consuming green vegetables in their natural form, play with them and prepare shakes. This way you will get your nutrients with a delicious taste and in a less boring way. In addition, it is recommended that you alternate between several green leafy vegetables. Although they are similar, there may be differences in the nutrients they provide.

2. Blueberries:

These small berries are another anti-inflammatory food that you should include in your diet as often as you can. In addition to being delicious, they neutralize the effects of inflammation caused by fatty or high– carbohydrate foods. This effect is due to the fact that blackberries are rich in flavonoids, a type of antioxidant that strengthens the immune system. In addition, they provide us with vitamin C and resveratrol, two compounds that by themselves reduce inflammation.

For all this, we recommend you take advantage of the berries to supply the craving for something sweet. At the same time, you will avoid inflammation without major complications.

3. Natural Oat Flakes:

Do you usually have oatmeal? What type? If the answer is “instantaneous”, we recommend changing it to the natural one. The reason is that the latter is one of the anti-inflammatory foods. Besides being more economical than the commercial with flavors, it is very healthy. The natural flakes provide carbohydrates that pass almost without alterations to your stomach. This type of carbohydrates favor the creation of positive bacteria reduces oxidation and inflammation.

In case you are dealing with problems of insulin resistance or diabetes, oats help reduce this problem and the associated inflammation. Inclúyela in your diet!

4. Celery:

A vegetable that is delicious and easy to combine is celery. Beyond its flavor, it is a good anti-inflammatory and natural antioxidant. Therefore, it is common to find it in recipes recommended to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Another good time to consume it is when you are experiencing a bacterial infection or a potassium deficiency. In case you consume processed foods regularly, celery is one of the anti-inflammatory foods that you should include in your food routine. The reason is that processed foods are high in sodium, an element that can alter your long-term health. However, by consuming potassium you neutralize its effects. In general, the recommendation is to consume a balance of potassium and sodium.

5. Ginger:

The ginger has a chemical called gingerol. This chemical is known to reduce inflammation, be a great antioxidant and antibacterial. When it comes to inflammation, gingerol helps reduce the discomfort of rheumatoid arthritis. Options to take advantage of its benefits include using the extract in the form of oil or consuming the root.

If you opt for the latter, you can consume an infusion or add a small piece of ginger to your shakes. You can also take advantage of its characteristic flavor in breads and soups to enhance your recipes.

6. Green Tea:

The last of the anti-inflammatory foods that you should include in your diet regularly is green tea. This drink has become a favorite in recent years for its health benefits. The compound that makes it a good choice for your health is the catechins. These are a type of antioxidants that are found only in this drink and that fight the generalized inflammation.

Now you know what are the anti-inflammatory foods that you cannot miss in your diet. Let your food be your medicine!


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