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The African mango pills come from the fruit called thus, known by its scientific name, Irvingia gabonensis . Used for its thermogenic benefit (burn fat), and in recent years has taken great popularity, despite, that for centuries has been used both the fruit and the seeds.

buy priligy online usa What is African mango?

It is an arboreal species ( Irvingia gabonensis ) native to Africa and grown in Cameroon, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Benin and other African countries. It is also known as bush mango, wild mango, ogbono and dika.

It grows between 25 and 40 meters, mainly in tropical forests located in dense rainy areas, at altitudes between 200 and 1000 meters above sea level.

Its fruits are very similar to those of common mango and are rich in protein. They are eaten directly and are used to prepare juices, jam, wine, dietary supplements and other products.

All parts of the tree, including its perennial leaves, seeds, bark and roots, are used in traditional medicine.

What is the use of African mango?

It is used to lose weight and burn abdominal fat. The extracts of the fruits, seeds, leaves, roots and bark of the African mango have been related to various health benefits.


The fruit contains flavonoids, alkaloids, flobatanos and anthocyanins, compounds with antioxidant activity that help to eliminate the free radicals generated during the oxidation processes in the cells of the body.


The African mango seed extract acts as a suppressant in the production of fats, which contributes to:

  • Reduce the activity of proteins that promote weight gain.
  • Control resistance to leptin, a condition related to obesity.
  • Increase the level of the hormone adiponectin, which participates in the processes of fat breakdown and glucose control.

African mango seeds are rich in soluble fiber, which contributes to the fluidity in the gastrointestinal tract, favoring the absorption of nutrients and control of glucose and avoiding disorders such as constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.

The fiber of the seed can also bind to the bile salts, promoting their expulsion with feces. This process promotes the production of bile salts from cholesterol to replenish its level, which decreases the amount of fats in the blood.

Leaves, roots and bark

These components of the African mango tree contain antimicrobial and antifungal substances, favoring the elimination of harmful agents to health.

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What effect do African mango pills have on the body?

The natural fruit is found, it is native and cultivated in West Africa (Cameroon, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, etc.). A fruit that is very consumed by its inhabitants, they also use the seeds (Dikka nuts), due to the great medicinal benefits that has.

African mango to lose weight

In a randomized double-blind study in 40 people, 28 people taking African mango three times a day found greater weight loss than in the placebo group, decrease in total cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides. However, the study mentions that you can have similar results if you increase fiber intake in the diet, that is, you can save a lot of money if you increase the intake of fiber in your diet instead of taking African mango pills.

These tablets contain large amounts of vitamin B, Adipesina (hormone involved in metabolic processes synthesizing carbohydrate).

Does the African mango work?

Testimonials from users (later give you some) point out that African Mango extract works to lose weight, particularly in the case of sedentary people who start using the supplement in combination with an exercise program.

Also works as an appetite suppressant, helping to reduce portion sizes in regular meals and avoid snacking between meals that lead to overweight.

Likewise, it is mild in the gastrointestinal tract and in the proper doses produces no side effects.

Effect of African mango to lose weight

Traditional African medicine has long known the health benefits of African mango.

The extract of the seed accelerates the metabolic rate, favoring the secretion of adiponectin, a hormone related to the burning of fats, preventing their accumulation in adipocytes.

Benefits of African mango

Scientific research has identified these 8 health benefits of African mango, most have an experimental base in the laboratory and animals that suggest their potential benefits.

It is necessary to complement with studies in humans to replicate these findings and to standardize the use of African mango in certain clinical conditions.

1.African mango promotes fat burning and weight loss

A 10-week study involving 120 overweight people found that the use of an African mango supplement had significant effects on weight loss, body fat and waist circumference.

Other research published in the English magazine Lipids in health and disease with 40 obese subjects undergoing a 4-week treatment obtained similar results, finding a decrease in bad cholesterol (LDL) and elevation of good cholesterol (HDL).

Another evaluation in 72 patients published in the previous British publication established that a combination of African mango with the plant Cissus quadrangularis reduced body fat by 20.1% and also significantly decreased body weight and waist circumference.

Other studies have reflected the benefits of African mango in weight loss. However, this is not a remedy that alone can ensure an adequate body weight in the long term; It is necessary to combine its use with a healthy lifestyle, which includes a healthy diet and physical activity.

2.African mango reduces bad cholesterol and increases good

A randomized double-blind study with 40 obese people who were supplemented for 4 weeks with an African mango seed extract and subjected to a diet concluded that;

  • There was a 46% decrease in total cholesterol.
  • LDL or bad cholesterol fats were reduced by 47%.
  • An average fall in body weight of 5.3% was recorded.

3.African mango reduces the level of sugar in the blood

Diets with plenty of soluble fiber help regulate the level of blood sugar in people who are resistant to insulin.

African mango seed is a reservoir of soluble fiber, so it can help diabetics manage their condition.

An investigation with 102 overweight and obese people found that the use of an extract of African mango seed for 8 weeks decreased fasting glucose by 25%  .

4.African mango reduces blood pressure

A study with 28 overweight people who were supplemented with African mango for 2 weeks determined that the treatment reduced the systolic blood pressure of the participants.

5.African mango protects against heavy metal toxicity

A study in rats of the Society of Slovak Toxicology published in 2015 in the journal Interdisciplinary Toxicology found that the extract of African mango bark had a protective effect on the nephrotoxicity induced by the consumption of cadmium.

In another investigation published in 2014 in the Nigerian Journal of Physiological Sciences, official publication of the Society of Physiology of Nigeria, it was established that the extract of the leaves of the African mango significantly improved the liver function of a group of rats intoxicated with heavy metals.

6.African mango has antibiotic and antiparasitic properties

An evaluation published in the African Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences found that extracts of leaves, roots and bark of African mango have a significant ability to inhibit the growth of fungi and bacteria in laboratory tests. Extracts of roots and leaves showed the most potent antimicrobial activity.

Another 2013 study published in Pharmaceutical Biology established that an extract of African mango leaves killed 71% of intestinal parasite larvae  .

7.African mango relieves pain

An investigation published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology , published by the International Society of Ethnopharmacology, concluded that an extract from the stem of the African mango tree alleviates pain induced in mice  .

Although the authors of the study are unclear about the mechanisms through which the previous analgesic effect occurs, they believe that the African mango extract activates opioid receptors related to pain reduction.

8.African mango improves intestinal health

A study published in the Journal of Experimental Biology of India found that the extract of African mango leaves protects rats and mice from the diarrhea caused by castor oil and the accumulation of intestinal fluids. It also reduced chemically induced contractions in guinea pigs and rabbits.

Other research found that African mango inhibits the development of ulcers in rats, increasing the production of protective stomach mucus.

How do you take the African mango?

To obtain the best results in weight reduction, it is advisable to consume African mango with the accompaniment of a low-calorie diet and a regular exercise program.

Ideally, you could include the consumption of fresh fruit daily as part of the diet, but that is not always possible because it is an exotic fruit.

However, there is a diversity of supplements prepared with African mango and other vegetable products that you can select and use depending on your specific interest.

African mango dose

African mango supplements are safe and a maximum level of daily consumption has not been established. Most manufacturers recommend consumption between 300 mg and 1200 mg per day.

The most advisable thing is to consume the supplement following the indications of the container and not exceed the indicated quantities.

Recommended daily dose of African mango

It is recommended to take the amount of daily capsules indicated by the manufacturer, without exceeding in use.

It is common to take 2 pills daily. It is advisable to take a pill 30 minutes before breakfast and another 30 minutes before lunch. You can also take a pill about 5 hours before sleep replacing lunch.

Some brands of African mango supplements contain caffeine and in this case consumption is not recommended shortly before going to bed as it could affect the sleep balance.

Disadvantages of the African mango:

  • There are not enough studies to show that it helps to lose weight
  • Weight loss is very low compared to a strict diet

However, the benefits and help of African mango pills, which induce weight loss, burn fat and improve health, cannot be denied . Studies conducted at the University of Cameroon, showed very favorable results in overweight people, who reduced weight, and also had benefits such as the concentration of blood sugar and low cholesterol (LDL) decreased.

It is advisable to acquire the African mango pills from a reliable source, certified and under medical supervision.

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