Is It Necessary To Eat Fats To Lose Weight?

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For a long time we have thought that can you buy topamax over the counter in dubai consuming fats brings only negative effects, and although it is understandable to some extent, it is far from true.

Eating fats of dubious origin the less it has some negative effects. Among them, the most common is the gradual and exponential increase in weight, but does this mean that you have to stop eating fats to lose weight?

The fat has been blamed, in an excessive way, being the biggest cause of weight gain. This widespread myth ignores basic facts such as that fat is a nutrient, or that the body requires a constant renewal of nutrients to activate the processes that make us lose weight.

To counteract these and other misconceptions, we show you the role that fat can have when it comes to losing weight. Should you eat fats to lose weight?

For beginners in the world of nutrition and sports, not eating fats is counterproductive, as this is essential when it comes to increasing and developing muscle volume. In addition, the consumption of fat has other benefits such as:

  • Being a supply of energy for our body.
  • Protect our organs.
  • Help the maintenance of cell membranes.
  • It helps the body to absorb and process other nutrients.
  • Enable the burning of fat.

However, the reasons why fat has been so discriminated have an important background, and not all foods with fats are good.

What fats are those that we should consume?

Some foods with fat such as pizza, chips and hamburger do get fat. That’s true. However, the world nutritionist community has discovered that this is more due to the fact that they contain a nutritive index that is too high, and not so much because of its high fat content.

Also, another widespread myth is that these foods only raise bad cholesterol. It is not that they do not, but they have also been linked to the increase of good cholesterol.

Foods with more healthy fats, such as fish, seeds, nuts or avocados, despite containing fats in large quantities, have revealed that they can lower bad cholesterol and heart disease risks, so stop eating them is little less than unnecessary.

What aspects of fat consumption are we usually unaware of?

  1. Fat provides more energy than any nutrient

The body needs at least three basic nutrients to function properly and acquire energy: carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Since one gram of fat provides twice as much energy as one gram of any of the other two nutrients, you can be sure that eliminating fat from your diet is not a good idea.

  1. New grease helps burn old grease

In addition to the energy it provides, consuming fat is essential to help reduce the old fat we store, as unusual as this may seem. All this is due to a process of storage and relief that is fulfilled in our body without we hardly notice it.

The old fat that is stored in the peripheral tissues of our body normally awaits “a warning” from the liver before disappearing. This warning, which comes from the glands of the liver, only occurs when new fat enters the body to replace the previous one. It’s like a relay race or a natural renewal cycle.

Even if you train constantly or starve yourself, the fat will not disappear unless you help meet this process.

  1. Fat reduces the anxiety of eating

Foods with fat are, as a rule, the most difficult to digest. This means that a conscious consumption of them helps you to stay full, avoiding the cravings to eat and the excessive feeding that this entails. Foods with omega 3 fats, for example, contain a type of polyunsaturated fatty acid that the body only acquires through food. This element helps you to remain less hungry for longer than when you eat any other type of food.

  1. Fat helps build muscle

Many times the real cause of a flaccid body is to lead a sedentary life, and not so much the fat you consume. While it is true that you do not have to gorge on fatty foods, including it in your diet in a balanced way can help us build muscle quickly.

Healthy fats, combined with a proper exercise routine, can contribute to muscle gain. One study showed that regular consumption increases the protein concentration and the size of the muscle cells in the body.

The fatty acids of Omega 3, for example, have shown positive effects in this regard, stimulating the increase of muscle mass, even in older adults.

  1. Fat makes food better

It’s true: fat makes food better, and in this case we do not just mean its taste.

Some nutrients like vitamins A , D , E and K are fat soluble , which means that the body cannot absorb them without the presence of fat in the cells.

Consuming these nutrients without sufficient fat in the body has long-term negative effects. Among them are:

  • Progressive blindness
  • Weakness in bones
  • Muscle pains.
  • Abnormal blood clotting
  • Constant loss of energy

How to consume fats properly to lose weight?

Although consuming fats is essential for health in general and to lose weight, it is necessary to insist that their consumption must be done properly.

The most important aspect to achieve this is to make a distinction between the three fundamental types of fat that exist, evaluating their general characteristics:

  1. Unsaturated fats

In this group are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, both important for health. Vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, olive oil, fish, shellfish and avocados belong to this group and should be consumed regularly.

  1. Saturated fats

They are found mainly in animal products such as meat, cheese and butter , as well as in coconut or almond oil . It should be consumed in regular quantities, and always avoiding excess oils.

  1. Trans Fat

This grease is chemical products derived from processed vegetable oils. This group includes fried foods in general, commercial margarines and processed foods, which generate empty calories, and are the most harmful type of fat.

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