What You Will Eating Every Day To Lose Weight?

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Summer is over and the desire to take care of one begins. For this, most people choose to make a diet as a weapon to lose weight.

These people who perform diet, most of the days are fed the same. They choose a couple of foods that they consider “healthy” and repeat them over and over again with the hope that this will help them to bring them to an optimum weight. However, is thi   s good option to lose weight?

What problems do you have to follow a monotonous diet?

1.Lack Of Nutrients

The variety in the food gives us all the nutrients that our body needs to correctly perform the vital functions and internal metabolic processes. If we restrict the variety in the consumption of products, we are risking not receiving all the necessary vitamins and minerals, bringing weakness in the organism that leads to diseases, due to a weak immune system.

It is very common to find people who do not consume a wide variety of foods with concentration problems due to the lack of specific vitamins and minerals such as anemia, which is generated by a low level of iron in the blood.

The WHO recommends a varied consumption of products, hence the famous recommendation of 5 pieces of fruit or vegetables on a daily basis, to avoid all this type of inconvenience.

2.Risk of leaving the diet

Researchers have shown that the repetitive consumption of a food can get us to lose weight temporarily, as our palate is able to adapt to a specific flavor, making it sate more. The problem comes in that this method cannot be maintained for a long time, and the moment we consume another food different to the one we are used to eating, our palate will respond differently and we will take longer to satiate, so the consumption will be greater, and will cause us to gain weight.

Eating the same thing is not a thing that can be maintained for long periods of time, since within a few days of starting the restrictive diet we will begin to suffer anxiety due to a lack of nutrients, and we will end up in a monotony of which boredom and the frustration will end up making us abandon that “healthy life” proposal that we had set for ourselves.

3 Tips to lose weight in a healthy way

1.Limit the consumption of fast food

Follow the 80% -20% rule. This rule is very simple; it consists of making 80% of the day’s consumption in a healthy way, with unprocessed products and avoiding unhealthy products or fast food, in order to eat only 20% less healthy food. This balance throughout the days will help you lose weight without having to restrict your whims to 100%. You will also keep anxiety at bay, since by not having daily restrictions the level of anxiety does not intensify.

2.Give variety to your diet

If your meals are constituted with a great variety of foods, you are making sure to provide the greatest number of nutrients, since each of the foods helps us to complement a type of vitamins.

The ideal is to combine carbohydrates, proteins of high biological value and healthy fats in the same food, such as fish and nuts. Take as a reference to provide in your food those three macro nutrients and go combining them in a different and varied way.

3.Avoid eating with anxiety

There are moments throughout the week where anxiety takes hold of us, whether due to stress or simply because of the craving to eat something not very nutritious but rich for the palate. In those moments we must be especially careful with what we decide to eat, as the feeling of anxiety will make us eat without satisfying ourselves.

The best thing in these cases is to choose a food rich in nutrients as a first course that makes us sate and, once that meal is over, give us the whim of the chocolate or the food that we crave. In this way, we will be well satisfied, so that our palate will be satiated much earlier, preventing us from eating almost 60-70% less than if we decided to eat the craving in the first place.


If you are looking for a quick weight loss, some authors support maintaining the same diet for a while, stating that you can lose weight with this practice, but if what you are looking for is to maintain a slower weight loss but with In order to maintain good health, the best option is to maintain a variety in the diet that allows us to meet the needs of our body.

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