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How to Contact BCA Call Center Number  24 hours

The 24-hour BCA call center number  is very useful for its customers. With the existence of the call center, someone can certainly easily solve the experienced banking problems.  BCA itself is one of the largest banks in Indonesia. The branches are spread all over the region and the ATMs are spread out in many places.

This bank has a long history. The first time BCA was founded was in 1957. At that time, the founder was Sudono Salim who immediately developed it to become as big as it is today. BCA itself is under the auspices of djarum. This means that the business strength is very strong.

Now there are many subsidiaries of BCA. For example, from BANK UIB to PT BCA Finance. With so many subsidiaries, a customer may experience confusion. This is the main function of the  24-hour BCA call center number. With its existence, confusion among customers can be overcome.

Contact BCA Call Center  in Indonesia

Contacting the BCA call center  is very easy. Someone can contact him when he contacts 1500-888. It was a contact that was open to all Indonesians. Not only contacted by customers, these contacts can be contacted by all layers of society. This also allows a potential customer to contact him.

When calling the number, it is not always necessary to contact you during working hours. That is because the contact is open for 24 hours. In addition, the staff who deal with it is also available every day. This, of course, makes the problem at least at any time to complain.

However,  this 24-hour BCA call center number does   not connect consumers to staff. That’s because the consumer first connects to the autoresponder. The answering machine actually contains complete information about various customer problems. However, some unusual ones should be confused.

That’s because it’s necessary to choose the right number to get an explanation of the problem. To communicate with the staff, choose the number 1 in the first question. That number will enable communication using Indonesian. Then select the number 1 again. The number 1 makes you choose banking services.

Finally, choose the number 3. The selection connects you to the FireCash Service. This Firecash service can put consumers in touch with staff.  However, if the communication with the answering machine does not want to be done at all, there is  another 24-hour BCA call center number.

The number is 021-235-88000. Calling the number can ensure that someone gets service quickly. In addition, contact with him does not have to go through the answering machine. With this, customers will communicate directly with the staff. As a result, the time it takes is less.

You can also contact call centers abroad

All of the above contacts are intended for household purposes only. When he was abroad, the contacts were clearly different. You don’t have to worry about this. You can  contact the BCA call center number  anywhere for 24 hours. That is because this bank already has branches in different countries.

The first country to be mentioned is Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia itself has excellent diplomatic relations with Indonesia. Every year there are many Indonesians who go on pilgrimage. Of course, it is quite possible that ATMs will be needed when you are there. There are two numbers that can be contacted when you contact us in the country.

The 24-hour BCA call center number for the first Saudi Arabian is +966-54-220-0581. The next number is +966-53-298-7625. After Saudi Arabia, the next country is the UAE.  However, BCA only offers one call center in the country. The call center itself can be reached at +971-50-159-9393.

After the UAE, the next country is Qatar. The country has undergone rapid development in recent years. In fact, there are many Indonesians who now decide to go on holiday there. The contact itself can be found at +974-6688-8279. Don’t forget Hong Kong either.  BCA also has a dedicated call center for the country.

The 24-hour BCA call center number  for Hong Kong is +852-2356-2311. For the last point, also know that BCA offers many call centers in neighboring countries, namely Malaysia. Malaysia itself borders the archipelago so there are many Indonesian citizens there for different purposes.

Not half-hearted, there is an empat contact provided in Malaysia. The first contact is +601-6422-6051. After that, the contact of the two is +601-6415-6051. If the number is still full, call +601-6414-6051. Finally, BCA bank customers can also contact +601-6445-6051 if they experience banking problems in the country.

Contact can also be made via social media

All of the above call centers offer paid rates for their customers. None of them make consumer communication free. Therefore, do not forget to first top up your electronic credit. do not let the stock of credit on the phone be at a figure of less than 25 thousand.

The number should certainly increase even more if it happens abroad. Electronic credit up to 100 thousand rupiah is needed so that it does not stop halfway. Please note that a call that stops in the middle of the road will cause communication with the BCA call center number to be carried out  24 hours from the beginning.

Instead of experiencing this, it would be better to choose a different way of contact. One of the best ways is to get in touch via whatsapp. Bca bank whatsapp contact is on 0811-1500-998. This method is definitely free if you do it. In addition, the popularity of whatsapp in Indonesia is also beyond dispute.

Almost everyone has their account. With that, contact with him will feel very easy. If not via whatsapp, the communication can also be done via e-mail. The official email address of Bca  is However, communication via e-mail has one drawback.

The biggest disadvantage lies in the slow reaction. Of course, email is different from phone. Employees should read the questions carefully. In addition, it is also necessary to write a good and correct grammar so that the satisfaction of the consumer can be obtained.

Perhaps for the latter way, communication can be done via twitter. BCA’s official twitter account  is @HaloBCA. If you want to contact him personally, you can dm. However, if you want to connect more generally, contact using mentions can also be done.

Contacting the call center solves the problem faster

When contacted with a  24-hour BCA call center number   , banking issues can be resolved quickly. That’s because the person who treated it was already trained and going through a long process. With this, the quality of the answers it will give will not disappoint.

Don’t get confused yourself, because you’re only looking for your own answers on the internet. It may indeed be that the answer is correct and the problem is solved. But it is also possible that the problem gets bigger. Instead of being ready, this state will confuse you even more.

Requests such as blocking debit cards, blocking mbanking, to reports of various complaints can be made via the call center. In addition, you can also contact him with the aim of getting information. All problems and questions will certainly be fully answered. Contacting the BCA call center number  for  24 hours will never disappoint.

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