How to activate for the new linkAja Holder: Mocipay

LinkAja Call Center, Update with official information center

PT Fintek Karya Nusantara as a large company provides LinkAja call center services  for everyone who has done so. This is an important service to reach the community as a whole and in a short period of time. As an updated and official information center, you can get information according to your needs.

To register as a LinkAja holder, a process with various requirements is quite time-consuming. As a modern financial institution, it does not use very important data. In order to facilitate transactions while prioritizing the security of the holder’s data.

You don’t have to worry if you need to meet the requirements for personal data connected to the LinkAja service. Because privacy is always taken into account by keeping a data security system out of data voting. When you consider that the registration process must use personal data as the primary requirement.

It is very important to pay attention to how it is provided to contact the LinkAja call center. Many ways are given to you to feel more comfortable and safe if, at any time, there are obstacles. This includes asking CS for relevant information directly for a sense of security when using it.

Services provided by LinkAja and its types

LinkAja is an electronic financial service managed by PT Fintek Karya Nusantara or known as Finarya. Its function is the same, namely as a means of payment for various transactions declared valid. The system is that money deposited first into Finarya’s account and then transactions with the same value can be used.

Any money that will be in a personal account is not deposited or economic as in banking financial institutions. So, never expect interest on the money you’ve deposited. This service has been registered and supervised by Bank Indonesia and if it is not clear, you can contact the LinkAja call center.

Finarya will register an account number for a phone number or vice versa. You can’t create two different accounts even if you’re using a different phone number. Thus, it can be made that there is no double count in the same person in places where one can only register once.

There are two types of services that Finarya provides to those who have, the first is the basic service for new licensees. You can use the service facility to top up your balance, pay transactions, and pay bills. In addition to various facilities, of course, they have been approved or based on the approval of Indonesian banks.

Other types of services can be used by people with LinkAja, namely the full service that is more comprehensive, such as:

  1. Top up the balance
  2. Payment transactions
  3. Peman peman bòdwo
  4. Cash withdrawal
  5. transfè dana
  6. Disbursement of money to the 3rd parts
  7. Other installations based on BI trust

If you feel clear about the service information, you can immediately contact the LinkAja call center. Get the information you need, especially if you’re new and want to sign up for Finarya right away. The clearer the information, the more confident you are to create an account immediately.

Howto activate for the new linkAja Holder

Everyone who wants to use the LinkAja service must first activate it. Activation is done because an account is only for a phone number and a person. Here’s how to activate from the terms of the registration process and requirements to be understood by new users.

  1. Global requirements

There are general requirements that you must meet and that you may need directly from linkAja’s call center. As the use of a phone number must always be active or not blocked from the provider’s network. Activate in various media that has been determined and are now easier the process.

  1. Registration Process

Those who have not recorded data fall into the category of basic services and the various facilities obtained. After you sign up, you can move on to the full service, but you need to move on to due diligence. Documents must be filed as a condition in order to benefit from Finarya’s services.

  1. Finen Theme

Fina reserves the right to refuse requests for re-registration, improvements at any discretion and for any reason. And exempt from any claim of any kind related to the cancellation or rejection process. This has become an affinity of Finarya and will always provide confirmation to the holder for mutual convenience.

Inf ormasi services provided by LinkAja forpeople with

LinkAja deliberately provides the LinkAja call center service  to those who have it in order to provide the best service. As a professional company that cares about opinions, criticisms and disclosures of information. It is not surprising that various ways to use the cs services so that you can get information or submit uncomfortable complaints.

  1. Ekri via imèl

You can send a written message to LinkAja polite and explicitly what you want to be polite. Just send it to the email address as the service has opened 24 hours a day. Don’t forget to contact the data holder so that the administrator can respond as soon as possible and provide a key topic.

  1. Live chat services on the website

There is also a service through the website, namely live chat available on the main page and just below. Note that there is a small box that says to chat with an expert, and then just click on it. Enter the first name, last name, email and mobile number data, and then you can start a chat.

  1. By phone

Getting information from the LinkAja call center can be done using a phone call. Please call 150911 number for all operators in Indonesia during working hours or office hours. There are fees that must be paid at local rates depending on the respective operators.

  1. Various other ways

Another way that can be used is to take advantage of LinkAja’s propagation service points throughout Indonesia. And just come to the Digital Financial Services Partnership (LKD) for complete information. It is not difficult to find it because the service is already widespread and can be used freely by people who have done so.

Providing LinkAja response information

LinkAja is always open to various questions, complaints, complaints and various other things about the service. However, because the number of people with cocaine has been very high throughout Indonesia so far. So it brings up a lot of questions and complaints, so there is an affinity for giving answers.

Not all questions, complaints or complaints will get answers from the LinkAja call center because there are affinities. Fina as the manager to verify the data as it is only accepted by people with LinkAja. In addition, there may be a decrease if it does not correspond to the previously verified data of the holder.

Finarya will investigate submission to CS services, whether by phone, email, live chat or elsewhere. The complaint is usually dealt with withinmore than 2 weeks. So if you don’t get an answer to any questions or complaints, we may find that they will be rejected.

LinkAja is an electronic financial services company that is very popular among the population in Indonesia. Services like this are widely used as they are considered to be convenient and always pay attention to the security of the transaction. There is also a LinkAja call center that makes people more comfortable getting information in different ways provided.

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