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West Java province is famous for its Indonesian tourism privileges

The province of West Java , of course , has a city in Bandung that has extraordinary attractions. Especially with all the iniquity it has, of course this place also attracts a lot of attention. Including tourist visitors place tourists in the area because there are so many places that can be visited and give its own impression to be enjoyed of course.

Until now, the area has its own iniquity to the point of being famous in various other regions. Even since the colonial era, West Java also has its own wrestling history to defend Indonesian independence. So history is often referred to on stories.

In 1949, this pasundan state became part of the NIS or the State of Indonesia. But a year later, The West Java province reunited the state of Indonesia and continued efforts to develop state sovereignty. The battle is the background  cooperating the historical history of the  location.

There are indeed many unique areas in West Java that can be tried before coming there. Of course, this reality will be something interesting later when enjoying the atmosphere and sensation of the area yourself. There’s nothing wrong if you get to know  the various cultures  around Indonesia more deeply, of course, including West Java.

Jewography ak demographic demographic enfo Java

Ingclasp, all the good areas are the western province on the island of Java that then makes it directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean as well as  the Java Sea.   In this location there are many rivers flowing through the waters of the Java Sea with a combination of low snow in the northern part, while the middle is part of Mount Ceremai. So there are so many interesting places in the area.

One of the interesting things in this province is the contrast features of two identities, namely modern people living around the jabodetabek area as well as Greater Bandung. Meanwhile, there are still people in the country, of course, and the custom of the Sundanese sword still greatly felt there.

So when you come there you can even feel a different life if you’re in the opposite place. This is very interesting because tourists can also choose which atmosphere provides sensation and comfort while in this province of course.

Most people from West Java Province make use of the Sundanese language to achieve daily communication, although with a typical dialect from some regions. From now on, they use regional languages to promote again until some local radio television has implemented it to introduce modern societies that use more Indonesian.

There are many things you can do there including visiting Bandung as the center of Indonesia fashion. Even this area called Paris Van Java so aldod lovers can also enjoy the time. But for those who want to enjoy a different atmosphere, just come to the country with a calm atmosphere and also such a place to travel and relax.

Binding Gastin in West Java

Food is always a complement when discussing an area. For the western province on the island of Java, of course, it has many specialties that are also  known in other regions  so that they can be found easily. But if you try it directly, of course, the flavor will also have its own iniquity  so later it can be enjoyed while you spend time in the area.

Processed foods made with vegetables such as beans, tomatoes, long beans, lettuce, Egyptian, cabbage, as well as various additives  mixed together. Watering holes and seasonal parchanics are indeed a famous food in this area.   The name of the process is quadredo, you must have heard of it. Enjoying this processed meal is definitely delicious and tempting.

Another interesting meal in the area is about rice tutoring.   This rice is specially processed along with several spice treats chosen including seasoning to  produce  rice that tastes unique of course. Especially for gastwonof from West Java provinces made from rice and overcoming, it’s rare in other regions, so you should come directly to enjoy it.

But you have to be well acquainted with seblak foods and various interesting additional tops such as check, eggs, meat, as well as other additional options.   For those of you who love spicy flavors, you definitely don’t want to miss out on trying to rip off treats with this spice. Moreover, the iniquity is that the ingredients   ripen  are soft because they are soaked and then cooked with spices so the flavor is unique and different.

Typical art in West Java province is certainly stunning

Culture is an interesting and indeed thing to be preserved and each region has its own specification.   West Java province has influenced  its  culture  by sundanese and Cirebon culture. Then a lot of culture appears in  the surrounding  area  so that it produces a lot of interesting art to enjoy until now of course.

Jaipong is a dance that is known as an art native to the West Java region   . The dance is a combination of dancing, ronggeng, special movement for martial arts. This art is really so extraordinary that many foreign people want to learn and master in order to do it well.

In addition, there is also an art from West Java Province, namely the way they are fighting.   Most of the  stories told in the arts are mahabarata and ramayana. Culture has developed from the fathers’ era and it  continues to be maintained until now.

Not only that, in addition to art, there are also various regional crafts that you can find. For example, typical batik from Cirebon, umbrella tracks, pottery, drag bamboo and much more. Each region has its own distinctive handcraft so wecan do it asOle’s souvenir before returning home.

A special look at seblakone native regions

Of course, there are various points that indeed make  the  western province  on Java island have a  special value. As well as the existence of a large observatory called Bosscha has been built since the Dutch era. This location was later designated as a cultural heritage and can still be used today to make observations about celestial bodies of course.

Another special feature in this area is the existence of Cukang Taneuh that is referred to as Indonesian-style Green Canyon. The green scenery of the river has definitely been stunning for anyone to come. Equipped with exotic sturdy, it increases the iniquity of the place.   Of course, this attracts the attention of tourists, especially foreign countries, of course.

In addition, there is also a  unique musical instrument in the form of an anglung as a cultural heritage according to UNESCO regulations. This instrument is indeed very unique because different sizes will produce different tone to play it, it takes several anglungs to be able to produce the desired name. There is even a special place built to teach and introduce this musical instrument to tourists.

West Java is truly unique and exciting to visitors. Not only the tourist and gastroenterologist attractions, but also the culture and various iniquities stored in it. It is not hesitated that this also reaches the ears of foreign tourists. So you also have to try coming to West Java province to find out its various iniquities directly.

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