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LPSE History of West Java, its main duties and functions

Have you ever used LPSE West Java services?   Like other similar services in the province, this agency serves technology and information management. This is done in order to facilitate the implementation of the purchase of goods and services by electronic means.

The FTAE itself stands for Electronic Procurement Service. In this case, you can electronically find procurement officers in institutions and regionalgkat roles that do not yet have an FTES. It not only assists these officers, but also serves suppliers of goods and services in the local area.

 LPSE West Java istorija

There were several important events that led to the establishment of the institution. Are you curious to know? That’s right, in 2009, the provincial government of Western Java apparently decided to carry out an overhaul or modification of the structure of the SOTK or management organization in the western java province.

Some changes have been made, one of which is the establishment of a new unit. This is the Western Java LPSE.   The new procurement division is actually a combination of the Public Procurement Services Division and the FTES. The decision was indeed made on the basis of the instructions of the Corombottist and the Deputy Of Prevention of the CPT.

At that time, it was also agreed on the formation of the unit. Finally, the West Java provincial government officially owned a branch of the FTAE and was ratified in accordance with the current legislation related to the establishment of the FTAE in the local lignungan, namely under Law No. 112 of 2018.

Now an assistant in economics and development works in the office. The department has an important task of mixing the purchases of goods and services. This is done through k ordination services. In this case, the new unit will provide general services to all communities in the western java province government.

The department also has some great partners who can do their job more easily. Some of the accompanying partners are the LKPP or the Government Institute of Public Procurement Policy for Goods / Services. Other partners include INAPROC and the West Java Provincial Government’s Legal Documentation and Information Network/JDiH.

 LPSE West Java funkcijos

Then, what about the duties of the unit? The device has quite a lot of tasks. One of the tasks that needs to be performed is to coordinate the implementation of tasks in regional facilities. They are also responsible for providing administrative services when purchasing goods and services.

The management of goods and services involves electronic management, promotion to the authority  of volunteers in order to provide assistance within the scope of their duties. Deconcentration is also one of their main tasks. What’s more, the Western Java FTES  division also needs to formulate a common policy and administrative coordination.

If described in more detail, the device of this field is equipped with several  important fuses, which include:

  1. Administration in the office of trade in services and goods

In this case, the task of the FTAE is to administer the Office for the Purchase of Goods and Services. This must be done by employees according to the tupoksi of their work.

  1. Organisation of common policy formulations

 The Lpse of the Western Java province  also acts as an implementation in terms of administrative coordination, guidance, supervision, general policy-making, control in the field of purchasing goods and services.

  1. Assessment

The device also has a function in performing assessments. In addition, reports on the results of the implementation of the tasks of purchasing goods and services must also be properly reported.

  1. Other features

In addition to the three features listed above, the device also has a task as a function. The implementation of the functions specified here is to perform other functions in accordance with their main functions and duties.

The establishment of an FTSE in this case is clear proof of the government. In this case, the government of the western province of Java is very serious about ensuring that the tasks are properly integrated. In this way, the goal of increasing the efficiency, efficiency and quality of the task will work smoothly without any obstacles.

Legal basis for the establishment of an FTAS

What are  the foundations of  the founding of the  Western Java Province FTES? Indeed, the public procurement department has been set up to the best of its ability so that all duties and obligations can be carried out with full responsibility in the future. The FTAE in any provincial government also has its own legal basis.

The aforesaid legal bases were then used as the basis. There is a fund that is, in fact, the basis for the establishment of an institution.   Some of them are:

  1. Improving the quality of human resources

One of the foundations on which this institution was founded is that the quality of human resources is becoming better. With this institution, everything can be facilitated by electronic means. Thus, people can also participate in improving their skills.

  1. Enhancing the role of society

The  basis of  other Services of the West Java ETSE is to make the community play a greater role in development. Moreover, the media in this case are also very necessary to be involved in the field of development.

  1. Technology media development

In a world that is as advanced as it is now, technology really needs to be improved. The existence of the FTES is also based on technological development. This is done in order to support the preservation of culture for the growth of the Indonesian economy.

  1. More optimal use of technology

Technology must indeed be used as optimally as possible. Working with mature and accurate technology will make everything so easy. This is one of the foundations of the establishment of the institution.

  1. Enabling technology

In this case,  the establishment of the Western Java province lpse is also aimed at making the empowerment of technology more optimal. If technology is enabled more optimally, efficiency to efficiency in the work will be achieved more easily and smoothly.

The 2 types related to   FTES

To improve services to the community, this institution is divided into several types. The following are two types related to such institutions:

  1. FTAE service provider

One of the types of LPSE is this device. In the organizations belonging to this institution there are persons responsible for the field of consumer services. There  is  also a chairman, the area of inspection and registration, in the field of socialization and training.   Everything is organizedas best as possible to create an environment for good work

  1. LPSE system provider

Unlike service providers, the organizations in their agreement are quite numerous. This is because it has its own website address. Thus, they are responsible for managing the database and performing some other functions.

For example, the system provider will socializethe purchase of suppliers of goods and services, conduct training, melayani to verify some data. The data that needs to be checked usually starts from the Act, SIUP, KTP to the permits according to their respective fields.

Server management is also performed by both of the above types. In this case, the FTES are indeed very necessary, since the electronic purchase of goods will obviously make things easier. Not only that, but it will also become more transparent.

The implementation of the work will become easier, accountable, and optimization in the implementation of state spending will be more easily accessible. All of them are performed with tasks and functions according to those set by the lpse West Java.

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