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Information about our products through a complete CIMB call center

Of course, to talk about the world of banking, one of the less important pieces of information comes from the CIMB call center.   CIMB Niaga  is known as the National Private Bank, founded on September 26, 1955. Since its inception, this private bank has been named Bank Niaga, which was later changed to CIMB Niaga.

CIMB is one of the largest banks in the country. Included in the category of the best banks, CIMB Niaga has advantages in the form of a good information technology infrastructure. There are many facilities and services based on information technology, and even this private bank was also the first bank to offer ATM services.

In 1991, CIMB Niaga Bank was the first bank to provide the best possible service to online consumers or customers. Included in the list of companies, CIMB Niaga is currently also included on the Jakarta Stock Exchange and the Surabaya Stock Exchange.

Various tastes, achievements and experiences continue to be engraved by one of the country’s private banks, which is why CIMB Niaga is included in the category of the nation’s largest fourth bank based on the amount of assets it currently owns.

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As one of the best games, it’s no surprise that one of the facilities offered by this private bank  is in the form of a CIMB call center.   CIMB or Commerce International Merchant Bankers, short for CIMB, is the fourth best banking class in Indonesia.

Judging by the large number of existing assets, the majority of the shares of this bank are currently owned by CIMB group companies. The main focus of the company’s business is business capital credit and property in the form of homeownership. From this, CIMB is considered the third largest home-owned credit system provider bank.

The history and strategic steps undertaken by this private bank are as follows: In 1976, CIMB launched its Professional Credit Program. The program is demonstrated for those from professional classes such as engineers, doctors, and others. To receive this program, clients only need to contact the CIMB call center.

In addition, in 1981 and 1982, Niaga Bank was the first bank to implement the use of a network banking system and a branch network system. In 1985, Niaga succeeded in forming a network of business units in the form of an official foreign exchange program.

Year after year, one of the country’s leading private banks continues its strategic moves. In 2002, CIMB Group Holdings Berhad acquired most of the bank’s shares by Nia. Finally, in May 2018, Niaga Bank officially changed its name to CIMB Niaga Bank.

CIMB Call Center Bank Number

CIMB Nia has many excellent products offered by banks. For those interested, the products in question are savings and time deposits, credit and debit cards, multiple loan products, foreign exchange transfers, MoneyGram, SpeedSend, money transfers, and asset management.

The above loan products can be found in home-owned loans, vehicles, vehicles without collateral, and others. For more information, please contact your call center.  For asset management products, these include mutual funds, investment products, and Bancassurance.

To gain access  to CIMB call center services, consumers or customers can contact us directly at 14041, which makes it easy, fast, and complete to find CIMB Niaga Bank’s wide range of products, facilities and services.

In addition, call center numbers allow customers to  get solutions related to the banking problems they face.  These issues  include  losing their credit cards and passbooks, forgetting their PIN numbers, blocking debit and credit cards, and more.

No need to worry and the hours of operation of the Cimb Bank call center number are active throughout the day. From this, you can also call this number at any time. If your customers are more comfortable contacting your call center via Internet media, you  can take advantage of  the e-mail   service 14041@cimbniaga.co.id.

Bad attitude towards financial management

Once you know the history of the CIMB call center and the variety of interesting products,  there are other things to consider when talking about financial management. Financial management is important to our clients because it can change the condition of a person.

For those who learn about financial management, the first thing is to never  waste  it –  waste money. Take out the  money  you  have out of your needs,  not your desires. You should also be full of preparation for diligent and planned financial management. In this regard, dedication becomes the biggest key you need.

Learn about the world of financial management from the right people. If you imitate people’s wrong lifestyles, it can affect your habits.   If you want to maintain good financial position, look for examples of people with this management expertise.

Positive insights and knowledge expansion

You can actually find various important information about the world of finance easily through the Internet.  Through  several sources, such as  the CIMB call center and the official website of the bank  –  the private banks of the country are also available. There is no need to hesitate, all the positive changes can really be obtained from all circles.

For those who want to continue to improve their bad habits for the financial world, change all the bad habits first. Start broadening your horizons by thinking about the future. Remember  that every step you take will affect your own future  .

A bright future will  definitely be a good end when you  always maximize it.   Of course, seeing  the number of  financial products  spread is a  big key to achieving a bright and good future, but remember to know about the products in advance.

Not all products you know through the   CIMB call center are  used appropriately in all circles. There are classes and there are minimum requirements for using the products offered by the bank. With this, the client must know in advance the financial status that they have.

One of  the specific things is the loan product. Don’t carelessly take away the loan products and services. Find out more about how much it will cost later. Some customers often miss this.

Because the loan process can be easily carried out, not many people are careless in deciding on the loan product. They are tempted because it is easy to borrow large capital  without knowing the burden of the manager who will be born. Therefore, it is very important to search for information through the CIMB call center.  

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