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To learn the west Javan local language, which is commonly used

The local language of West Java has very distinctive characteristics and is fascinating to learn, and while you don’t know the language used by the people of West Java, you hear celebrities from West Java or have Sunday friends.

For ordinary people, it must be very interesting to demonstrate a West Java language or accent, essentially each region has different language features Whether it be Central Java, Maluku, East Java, Sumatra, etc., the same is true of  the West  Java language we are going to  discuss.

We have  to guess if it is a language  in West Java, but if we don’t know or understand West Java, it is hard to know what is said, so it seems fun to learn West Java.

Discuss not only the languages commonly used by West Java people in this article, but also the western Java language, which is very interesting to learn about language differences, history and language distribution, language writing   systems.    

Local Languages Speak

Not surprisingly, the commonly spoken dialect is Sandanese, since the Sundanese are the most common tribes found in West Java Still, there are other languages spoken by residents of West Java, as well as other languages, such as Ceravon, for people in the territory or in Siribon.

The Siribon language is almost the same as the Bangkok Mason language, and it is only the use of a very unique Brebes dialect. These two dialects of West Java are the most spoken languages in daily life, both in Siribon, Pryangan, and in the regions.

Compared to Siribon, Sandinians are spoken more widely by people in West Java. It is indistinguishable from the history of the ancient Martian Kingdom that conquered West Java.

So in this review, people in West Java often use more, we will discuss the Sundain language better, find a range of interesting information about the Sundanese language and better understand what you need to know about the West Javanese language.

Divisions in Sandy

In general, the Sandanese language has a wide variety of Sandanese languages, ranging from Sandan-Central Javan to Sandan-Benton.” In addition to the two regional religions, it may have been thought that in everyday life, there are still some regional differences that we often encounter in the middle of Sunday culture.

Many experts divide Sandan into six dialects: Western dialects, northern dialects, southern dialects, eastern dialects, and the Northeast. They identify dialects and southeastern dialects; each dialect has a variety of forms, and the territories in which it is used vary depending on the mixture of languages.

For example, the dialect of West Java is  a month from South Tangerang, Tanjran, and Tanjran, a western dialect commonly used by people in Pandeglang and Lebanon. In contrast with the southeastern region of Cilacap, Bangor, it is commonly used in Western dialects.

Sandy, commonly found in some of the records commonly found on dry leaves and stones even before the Sandanese language existed So far, it is not known how the old Sandanese language has changed in modern Sandanese.

The prevalence of history and the widespread Sandanese language

In addition to learning the differences in the Sandanese language, it is also interesting to discuss the history and spread of the Sandanese language in West Java Sundanese is a language spoken specifically from the west of Java or in Passendan or Tatarsanda (formerly the name West Java).

In fact, this West Java language is also spoken in central Java, where the  two regions were once part of Galu,  so C i lac  It is not surprising that Cilacap has  many local names.

Historically, in about the sixth century, the Sundan language reached its narrative area as far as the Diane Plateau in central Java, and the name Diane also came from the Sundanese language. The Dian language  means the old Sundanese language ,   and only then did there be immigration and immigration of ethnic Sandanese to various regions outside Java.

The Sondain tribe, including West Kalimantan, Southeast Sumatra, Southeast Sulawesi, Rio, Lampan, Lambie Additionally, while there are many other areas visited by ethnic Sandinians, some of the areas mentioned are major regions.

Sunday Writing System

In the Sundanse writing system, you will learn the Sundanese script, the Sandanese alphabet, the Kakarakan alphabet, and the Sundanese pegon. It was written in Palawan as a family manuscript derived from the Palau manuscript, and you can see evidence of this writing from the inscription.

On November 3, 1705, the ancient Sundance Manuscript and Siribon Ricassara became extinct after the VOC released its ultimatum At that time, the Javanese and Sandanese were allowed to write only in Latin and Latin alphabets, after which the Latin alphabet was strongly permitted to be written in Sandanese literature.

Also written in West Javan or Sandanese is also associated with Kakarakan as a Javanese script to write Sandanese at the time The manuscript was used after the release of the VOC ultimatum, which has been in use for more than 300 years and is still preserved today.

The Pegon Sundanese alphabet is also a manuscript used to write ancient Sandanese. Although some contain standard Arabic letters, it would not be understandable if the Arabs had not mastered the Sandanese language.

Undak-Uuk Sundanes

In the 17th century, west Java was under the rule of Martian, and java also influenced the use of Sandinian in West Java This creates the existence of drug-resistant bacteria in the local language of West Java , so what does this basis mean?

The Sundain language must be aligned with a social status, called the Barberta, which is called drug-related. A number of terms have emerged that must be understood in the middle classes, extremely harsh (kohat or rough Pisan) and excellent (pisan or pisanlium).

Confidential language is often used when conversations with parents, officials or public figures. meanwhile, peers or L When talking to close friends, abusive language is often used, and it seems more familiar if we use harsh language.

The Sandanese language has its own uniqueness, and it fascinates anyone who wants to learn it, especially in the usual language that makes Sandanese even more appealing. For more details, we  need to know more about the West Java language.

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