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HP Service Cantre in Jakarta makes a damaged laptop new

With the existence of an HP service center in Jakarta, of course, it will be easier for you to upgrade your laptop to an official location. The growing need for HP products in Indonesia forces this company to provide service centers in almost every region.

HP or Hawlate Packard is one of the largest gadget companies in the world. The company was founded around 1933 by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. The company Hawlate Packard produces quality and durable gadgets such as cameras, laptops, printer type.

Most of the gadgets manufactured by this company have a guaranteed product quality and the price is relatively cheap. These two things are the reason why this product from Hawlate Pckard is widely used by humans. Not only in terms of after-product service, it also satisfies its customers.

Why do people prefer laptops more?

Hawlate Packard is an American company that is always present in providing advanced features onits range of laptops. Also, the price is relatively cheap, which makes HP’s products widely selected by People Indonesia, maybe you are one of them.

There are many benefits that can begained when choosing a laptop from Hawlate Packard to support your activities like work or anything else. The first advantage is that the construction of each laptop made by Hawlate Packard is quite solid. This is certainly very beneficial for those of you who like to go safely so that it is safe to carry.

The performance of this laptop manufactured by HP is quite good. Having good performance in its class is the reason why Hawlate Packard’s laptops are in high demand. With good performance, of course, it can support daily activities to the fullest.

Apart from security and performance, HP is also excellent in terms of service. The services provided by HP are good enough for its consumers. You can obtain services in the form of the HP Sully Service Center when you use HP products. This is what makes people more of HP’s pillar products over other products.

Things that make a laptop meal

Laptops are  Hawlate Packard devices that are in high demand. Various uses make this laptop very necessary both for gaming, ordinary desktop, graphic design. In today’s day and age, laptops are the most needed devices by people all over the world.

Laptops and quality can also be damaged, this happens due to several factors caused by the homeowner. Therefore, keep the laptop at its best performance, knowing what factors make the laptop quickly damaged. If it is damaged, come to the HP Service Center in Jakarta.

The first thing that can happen in theblack range  can actually make your favorite device damaged quickly is to charge the laptop even if the battery is not depleted. In order to avoid this problem, charge after a notification that the battery runs out so that your favorite work device does not quickly suffer damage.

You never store your laptop in a soft place like a mattress, sofa, and other types. This should not be done as it can close the air holes on the laptop to be avoided, this is the cause of the laptop overcharged quickly and in time damage occurs. Therefore, do not use the laptop in a weak point.

The next thing that can make your laptop  damaged quickly is to turn the objects and magnets near the laptop. It seems that this can quickly damage your favorite device as there are components on the laptop that are also magnets.

The latest is that cleaning a laptop can rarely cause it to break quickly. This can be taken lightly by some people, like you. If the firmwaresticks to the components of the laptop will make the components damaged because they are clogged with this dust.

List of CANTRE from HP Service in Jakarta

Hawlate Packard Company provides an after-sales service that is very satisfying for its customers. With the Service Center service, it can certainly help HP users repair their devices with the quality of their original components. In addition, you can get many benefits when using service center services.

For those of you who live in the Jakarta area, your favorite laptop can now be repaired via HP Jakarta service.  Not only in Jakarta, this service is located in almost every region of Indonesia. To find out in your area, there is a Hawlate Packard service center that can take advantage of searching for a service center feature.

The way to use the Service Center feature, you just have to browse the official website of HP. Next, select the support menu and then the Get Service Center feature will be. After you enter, simply fill in the fields on the page completely depending on where you live.

At the HP Service Center in JAKARTA , it currently serves not only HP portable devices, all Hawlate Packard products can be repaired at the HP Service Center. In Jakarta itself, there are about 3 service centers that you can visit to repair your laptop, here is the list of addresses.

  1. Service Center 1

Prudential Centre Kota Kasablanka Senkyèm Floor Unit C-E, Jl. Casablanca Kav.88, 12870 (021)29637777.

  1. RCC Jakarta

Jalan Kesehatan No 60A Jakarta, 10160 (021) 3506152

  1. Service Center 2

Mango Mall De Katriyèm Non Floor, 42 B +622162312325

It is very important to contact the HP call center

Before coming to the HP service center in Jakarta, it’s a good idea to first contact the call center via 081318521007 number. You can check in advance about the damage suffered or simply ask for the warranty of your laptop.

In addition, when you first contact the call center, you can get repair services directly from home. This service does not require you to come to the service center. The trick is that you just need to contact the call center, and then tell them that you want the technician to come home after that, you will give more explanations.

This can definitely save you more money and energy, of course. In addition, this domiciled repair service is also very suitable for those who take care of the whole day so that they do not have time to come to the HP service center in Jakarta.

In addition to using the call center, you can also contact your mobile phone via the live chat feature. But to use this service, it is necessary to first create an HP account. The trick is simply to enter the login menu and then select Register. After that, it is enough to completely fill in the given fields.

You can also use Twitter social media to contact your mobile phone. The trick is simply to follow the official HP Twitter account and then check the issues related to the HP device via the direct message feature. Using social media, of course, you don’t need enough credit to contact the call center.

To repair your cell phone device, make sure to always repair it in an official location. By repairing at an official location, you will avoid various types of fraud when you are in unofficial places. So, make sure your favorite laptop repair goes to the HP Service Center in Jakarta.

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