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How to Top up Ovo in Alfamart 2020 in Various Ways

There are several options that you can  use when increasing your  balance or on OVO.   One example  that has been a favorite is how to add OVO at Alfamart 2020.   In addition,  of course,  there are several other options, for example with  debit  cards,  ATMs  ,   and Grab drivers.

Given that OVO itself is one of  the  favorite digital wallets for  consumers in Indonesia, of course, increasing the balance is pretty easy to do.   So users don’t have to worry about  the difficulty of adding up when they run.   Just pick a few methods by which we will describe the steps below.

Some of the techniques below are also guaranteed security. As long as you always do this through merchants affiliated with OVO directly, without going through a second party. After  understanding the security guarantee, here are some options  you can  use when increasing your OVO balance.

First, How to Top up Ovo on Alfamart 2020 or Booth

This first step  is that you need to  go to  a  minimatket or nearby booth   to do this. The booth in question can  sometimes be found in shopping centers.   While Alfamart tersometimes mudah is found near kamu house.   Please choose which  one is closest  to  the location and follow these steps.

  1. Go to Cashier or Guard

The first way  to add OVO in Alfamart 2020  is to  go straight to the cashier or security guard.   Ask if you can increase the balance immediately.   If you can, immediately say the desired nominee.   You must follow the minimum selection set by the  custodian.

  1. Payments by Simpak Struck

After that, the officer  or guard will do n charging.   Once successful, you can pay depending on the nominee.   Don’t forget to save the beaten payment  first,  as  proof as later you’ll get something.    Especially if kamu fills up quite a lot.

  1. View account

Don’t forget to also check the account to see if the OVO balance  is up or not.   If not, you can guard the alfamart or  booth to wait until it comes in.   So that if it hasn’t worked for  a long time either, you can ask the officer directly  .

How to add OVO in Alfamart 2020  is certainly easy, especially for users who don’t understand the use of m-banking or ATMs.   However, the minimum  balance  that must be filled is very large. Where necessary fill the minimum Rp50.  000,- doing this through Alfamart.

Top Up OVO Balance Through Debit Card, Available pthere are 22 following banks

In addition, users can also  increase their balance via a debit card. Where there are at least 22 banks that offer advanced electronic money   services  through it.   Starting from BNI, Mandiri, BCA, BRI, BTPN, Maybank, DBS,  Danamon, Sinarmas, Mega    , and many others.

While the process can be done via ATM,  m-banking, or with an OVO  apk  directly.   The method itself may be different, it is about which bank to use.   But of course,  it’s different from  how to add OVO to Alfamart 2020,  which can be done anywhere if you make it through apk andgsinging.

  1. Buka Menyu hii

First, of course, run an apk that was previously installed on  your Android or iOS smartphone.   Then search for and click the  “top up” menu. The menu is more accurately located at the top left.   If  selected,  the  user will be redirected to the  top  horizontal page.

  1. Select the pay option

Before choosing the payment method, first fill out how much selection you want. The minimum filling through this method itself is IDR 10.  000,-. After that,  you can choose how to pay, then click on Debit Card.   Later the user must also send a validity period, card number  , and CVV first.

  1. Jaza msimbo wa OTP

Whend ata filled is correct, kamu will get  the code.   Use a one-time code or password (OTP) to verify data accuracy.   After that, if  there is no interruption, the  notification will come  as  this balance addition  has been successfully done.

Top up OVO Kupitia ATM BCA na Mandiri

Next, this is almost identical to  how to add OVO to Alfamart 2020, where you have to go to a certain location to do so.   To be precise, it’s going to the  ATM machine location.  Where we will provide examples of how to  increase scales  through BCA and Mandiri ATMs.

  1. Kupitia ATM BCA

First enter your card  into  the machine, don’t forget to fill in the pin number.   Then find the  “Other Transactions”  menu.  Then select the “Move Yourself” menu and finally “BCA Virtual Account.   Here fill in the BCA OVO code  , which is  “39358” and follow your phone number.

Now it’s time to replenish the amount  you want.   Please note that the minimum is IDR 20.  000,- per transaction.   After filling it out, just follow the  next direction until the  balance is successfully filled.   You can check the account first to make sure it is working before leaving the ATM.

  1. Kupitia ATM ya Mandiri

The next way to add OVO in Alfamart 2020 is  through Mandiri ATMs,  which are almost the same point as BCA.   First, of course, enter the card and PIN first. Then click the  “Pay/Buy”  option.  Then click “More”  twice , then select the “E-commerce” option.    Fill in the  Mandiri number, i.e. “60001”, followed by the phone  number.

After that, you can fill in the desired nomination. The minimum allowed balance equals BCA, which is IDR 20,000,-. Then just follow the  next direction   until the balance is successfully deposited into your OVO account.  Make sure you don’t leave first, so you  can repeat the steps above if you haven’t managed to get in.

OVO Top Up via Grab Direct Driver

The final step  you can  take is through Grab’s direct drivers, both Grab  Car and Grab Bike.     In addition to  how to  add OVO in Alfamart 2020,  this  is also one of the  consumer favorites  of   this  digital  wallet.  The reason is because of its practical and  non-disruptive measures.

It can be done while using Grab Bike or Grab Bike service.    Order for the issuing driver at that time.   Later, it is still required to open the apk first.   Then select the Top Up option on the apk. The actual location is  at the bottom of the screen which is purple.

After the menu is successfully opened, fill in the amount you want. The minimum nomination  itself is IDR 10,000,-.   Regarding maximum  selection, it will depend on  the  balance the  driver  currently has in his cash wallet.   Then click continue to  be able to  go to the next step.

If the balance is logged, click OK.   Finally,  you can pay in cash to the driver.   Of course, the  price will be based on the nominal that goes to your balance.   This approach   is certainly practical, including  using features  from Grab,  as well as  increasing balance as well.

You can use the advanced OVO method in Alfamart, via a debit card,   driver, or ATM machine  .   It depends on  which option you think is the easiest and  most practical.   You can also do this because of smaller balance considerations   . You can choose to go through the driver if you want to fill in just a little bit.

All of the above methods are guaranteed security. As long as you always make sure in advance that the balance is in before leaving the charging point. Don’t forget to also save a beaten paycheck, especially when  using the advanced OVO method at Alfamart 2020.   So there is evidence when later the charges do not work.

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