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24-hour Dukcapil Call Center Ready to Meet Community Needs

One form of innovation in the development of digital technologies is  the procurement of a 24-hour dukcap call center. Although this service is relatively new, it is very useful in identifying population problems in people. Given that at present the needs and practicality of the city are the demands of public needs. Waiting in long lines is considered something old-fashioned.

On the other hand, the government wants population information as well as various socializations and services to be easily accessible to its citizens. Using various conveniences in technology and information networks, an official web-based service was finally formed. This can happen through call centers, popular messengers, or mainstream social media.

With the creation of various 24-hour dukcapil call center  services  , from direct services in the office to online services, it is hoped that various community problems can be immediately identified and solutions sought. Given the importance of these population data for the various needs of development programs and providing legal protection to their citizens.

The importance of registering population data and civil registers

According to Law No. 24 of 2013, every Indonesian citizen must report various significant events in order to record. Especially events related to the population, such as the transmission or change of address, births, deaths, marriages or divorces, and even in relation to data on children.

Data is not only stored, but processed and used for various development programs and citizens’ law enforcement purposes. For example, in this pandemic situation, which requires validation of these data before the eligibility of assistance programs can finally be tested.

In addition,  by providing call center services on the 24-hour dukcap, it is hoped that it will be able to ensure the fulfilment of everyone’s human rights, especially in terms of managing their population. So that there is no discrimination or residents who are left behind or excluded from the program. An example is the right to participate in elections in the political sphere.

In addition, the  simplicity  of the 24-hour dukcapil call center  allows  the public to be more aware of their responsibilities as part of Indonesian citizens in reporting and recording important events. Especially if the process is simple and does not interfere with their affairs. This awareness demonstrates the government’s success in legally protecting its citizens.

 Purpose of keeping a population register in the Community

For people, perhaps, data on the date of birth, date of marriage, number of children, place of residence, etc., do not have a significant meaning. But for the country, it has enormous benefits. Especially in the case of Indonesia, as one of the rule of law, the certainty and validity of identity must be enshrined in law.

Thus, the public, if they have registered different data – their population data means that they have been recognized by the state for the accuracy of this data. So in case of abuse or various related problems, legal protection can be provided. In addition to the fact that he has the right to receive  various public services. Some public services require authentic residency information.

In addition, it is expected that the provision of accurate, rapid and up-to-date data will be able to provide data for different programmes and planning sectors. Whether it’s in government action, development, or community action. Thus, any program can be optimally and purposefully distributed.

The 24-hour dukcapil call center  service is a form of ease of communication between the government and its people. In the hope of accelerating the achievement of various goals of civil registration. In addition, given that the challenges in this area are increasingly complex and diverse, this media can also be a tool for identification and aspiration.

Various services provided by Dukcapil

In general, the services provided by the call center on dukcap are associated with various population data problems. According to Dukcapil’s Director-General Zudan, in October 2020, there were 6 important documents that needed to be prioritised in their treatment. The documents are KK, KTP, birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate and moving certificate.

Basically, however, population data involves recording and reporting biodata related to important events  through a  24-hour dukcap call center. Includes a variety of things like location, address, place of birth, issuing a national social security number, and various other things, so that every citizen really has protection and legal recognition.

Currently, according to the rules and recommendations of the state administration, these services must be carried out quickly, accurately and in an integrated manner. Thus, the validation process and data collection can take place in real time. So that the archives, or if it is necessary in the preparation of the program, no longer worry about miscalculations.

In addition to servicing these various issues, the 24-hour dukcapil call center also offers services related to validation or rechecking. For example, whether the NIK is registered with public services, or if you want to find data-related information through online media, if you forget to bring the file in question.

Web-based services as a solution

With a population of more than 200 million, there are certainly various obstacles and complaints every day. Especially during such a pandemic, it is strongly recommended to avoid crowds, especially in public places. Including the management of various needs of the population, such as identity cards or various other letters.

Online is the solution to these different needs, from receiving complaints or entering problems. Thus, various problems have been experienced in this area. As well as giving various recommendations related to the solution of these problems. Either contact the district, or it will have to go through certain channels according to the type of obstacle.

There are various online media for the realization of the 24-hour dukcap call center.  Some of them use telephone services through the number 1500-537 to establish a direct connection to the central part of Dukcapil. Emails and websites were also created to help provide a variety of other additional information. In addition, it also uses popular messengers.

This means using WhatsApp services, given that the majority of the population uses WhatsApp as a general means of communication. One form of delivery is in the form of a PKK check, sending in the format Cek#KTP#NIK and sending it to the number 0815-3636-9999, it will receivea response according to your complaint. These different options make it easier for residents to use this service feature.

Using social media to improve services

It is understood that the community, especially young people, is very active through social media. Whether it’s expressing, playing, gathering with the community, or searching for a variety of up-to-date information. This condition gives Dukcapil dsub the ability to upgrade Dukcapil call center services within 24 hours. This is to capture aspirations through social media, especially for young people.

Two social media are used, namely Facebook and Twitter. Not only passively receiving incoming reports, but also providing content in the form of information updates and various tips, as well as informative about the population. Thus, it is hoped that social media users will get used to it and understand the importance of citizen registration.

The presence of various online services for Dukcapil call centers is expected to meet the expectations of the state administration. With the motto or motto semed “the day must be” in different regions, I hope that you will be able to provide rapid response services for your needs. This is connected not only with the limitations of the appeal, but also with disability.

Currently, it is hoped that problems related to the population and the population register will be identified and solved immediately. This requires community awareness and active participation in its realization. One form of government agencies in combining it is to provide 24-hour dukcapil call center  services through various online media.

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