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Various features of the Tikti Call Center are available 24 hours a day

Tiki is a freight forwarding or shipping company that pays due attention to the DIG call center. Prioritizing customer satisfaction in order to provide maximum service creates various ways of communicating CS. This is a form of innovation that is very important for the company’s progress and the confidence of the community.

A look at the history of TIKI was first established in Jakarta in 1970 and has been able to survive until now. At present, there are >500 branch offices, 3700 outlets and about 6,000 employees. It has a vision to become the best shipping company in Indonesia and be known internationally.

Realizing this vision and applying the task to be professional and as best as possible.  This is  evidenced  by the presence of a tiki call center service that focuses on customers 24 hours a day.  Take a look at the  24-hour contact center and what features belong to customers that have many advantages.

Examples of features  provided by tiki d i official website page

The simplicity of online information is now a concern for many large companies in Indonesia, including TIKI.  In addition to providing a Tiki call center, fast and accurate information services are the most important resource on the website. Many features have been provided  for the convenience of customers and below are some examples.

  1. Check the receipt

The receipt verification feature is available on the main page, so it is very easy to find by customers. You only need to enter the receipt number received at the beginning of the package delivery. Then click on Track, and the results will immediately come out in seconds, so that you know the process of sending the package instantly.

  1. Check shipping

There is a mail verification feature where the destination provides information about shipping costs. Enter information about how much weight the package is, city of origin, destination city, etc. And then check. The results will appear accurately according to the information you have entered, and if that is not clear,  contact the Tiki Call Center.

  1. Check the location

TIKI is spread across Indonesia and is of course available in the city nearest to you. Use the location verification feature to find the location of the nearest office so that you can send the package instantly. You can also take advantage of the online pick-up, online order or shuttle features on our official website.


Although we have already provided Tiki Call Center services, there are still many customers who really need information. Various questions come up frequently and vary greatly according to the needs and issues they  face. Here are some of the frequently asked questions by customers and you can also answer your questions.

  1. How many days does the shipping process come?

We offer a number of delivery packages that you can choose from at the beginning when you’re going to send. Each has a different delivery period depending on the type of option, such as:

  • ONS only 1 day
  • REG 3 to 4 days
  • ECO between 4 and 5 days
  1. How can I check if the package has arrived?

Checking the package delivery process is actually very easy and available on the website page. You can use the receipt verification feature so that you  can see in a few seconds where the package is. You can call the hotline 15 00 125, of course, you will be provided with direct information by our customer service.

  1. How do I contact CS?

Now a lot of questions are also being raised about how to contact the  tiki call centre  .  It’s really natural because customers want to have the answer to every question. You  can get in touch  on the hotline, email or on social media such as FB, IG or  our official Twitter.

  1. What are the thumbs, twists and turns and cherlok?

We use this term to refer to various services so that customers can understand their meaning.

  • THUMBS is an online pick-up service for all customers.
  • Turn is a one-day pick-up and drop-off service.
  • The special convenience for SERLOK vendors is seller online booking.

Contact Center offered by TIKI via phone, email and social media

As a company focused on package delivery, we strive to provide the best Tik Call Center services . It is believed that customers will be able to submit various complaints, issues and obstacles they are experiencing. Here are some ways to contact CC via phone, email or social media that are open 24 hours a day.

  1. Please contact the centre by phone

The phone number that customers can contact is 15 00 125 and responds quickly. You can report directly about the delivery, collaboration or others on the hotline of the phone number. This phone charge is the same as the usual charge, so you need to prepare the credit so that youdon’t have to be restricted when you call it.

  1. Contact the Centre via email

If you have difficulty using telephone services, it is used by customers from all over Indonesia. So the best solution is to use email by sending a message to a tiki@tiki.id address. You have to wait patiently for a response to the message sent, as it’s not as fast as using a phone call.

  1. Contact center via social media

Tiki is one of the call centres where you can use social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Choose one of the social media that you use most often, and of course, it will be answered quickly. If you can’t use one way, choose another media to get the necessary information right away.

Benefits of 24-hour contact center service for customers and companies

Initially, the contact center service was opened during special hours, i.e. monday to friday only at 07.00 – 20.00 pm. The temple is open from 08.00 – 19.00 a.m. on Saturdays to 09.00 – 17.00 on Sundays. Currently, TIKI has changed the service schedule to 24 hours and have a look at the benefits.

  1. Can be contacted at any time

Customers need to be sure of where and when the information of the dispatched package arrived. With the 24-hour service, you can communicate at any time without any restrictions on working hours. So if you want to contact the contact center at midnight then there is no need to worry anymore even if it should be provided.

  1. Obstacles can be overcome instantly

Although the possibility of obstacles occurring is very small, they are actually unpredictable when they occur. With a 24-hour service, you can overcome these various obstacles instantly and respond faster. You don’t need to be confused if there are issues at any time, because contact the contact center service.

  1. Can increase customer confidence

For the company, the 24-hour service has the advantage of increasing trust. Trust is very important and is the key point for customers to be loyal to using TIKI delivery services. This makes the company grow and gets many customers who have confidence in the quality of our service.

As a freight forwarding company with decades of experience, it provides us with excellent service. Various features are offered on the website for the convenience of customers in finding important information.   This includes providing tiki call center services that can be contacted 24 hours a day via email, phone and other.

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